Kobe's impressive streak of 30+ point games ended vs POR at 10 when he rested in the 4th. His ppg: 30.1.
  • miketrudellKobe's impressive streak of 30+ point games ended vs POR at 10 when he rested in the 4th. His ppg: 30.1.

  • kareemabouarab1st like
  • carolinab24Coulda kept it going and everyone know that. But the win was in the bag and a healthy Kobe is more important 😃💜💛
  • fuckyeahjohnnyI believe #Kobe could win league scoring title if he wanted to this year.
  • kiamdachiefThe greatest of all time
  • rico_kingsclubcoHardest worker even tho he's the best #inspiration
  • plantbasedlife365#kobe should pass the damn ball & not care about his stats so much be a team player not selfish that's why we aren't winning! No unity #lakers
  • alex__sheltha krazy mamba ! )
  • carolinab24Of course people always find something negative to say about Kobe no matter what he does whether he averages 1 assist or 5 per game he still needs to pass more smh!
  • kb24rolieMVP .. he brings it every game , the rest of the team has to pick up the effort ..
  • whenrealseesthefake@inkmywholebody__ your seriously a moron if you think that's why he's scoring 30...stop watching and reading ESPN and actually watch the games instead of listening to Chris Broussard and Skip Bayless
  • plantbasedlife365@travisheinrichs yeah I'm a moron that's been a kobe fan since he was in HS gtfo it's the truth every real #lakers fan knows this come on your a moron if you really think he's not a ball hog & doesn't care about the team he's selfish & cares about himself he never passes & gets ripped all the time
  • whenrealseesthefakeDoes he take ill advised shots at times? Yes but to say he doesn't care about the team? You idiot, winning means getting your team involved. You can't win without them getting involved. You say he's a balhog, Hmmmm HOW MANY SEASONS WAS IT THAT HE LED THE LAKERS IN ASSISTS??? Go count em before sprouting off about information that you clearly do not know. How many times do you see Kobe swing the ball to an open player and they clank a shot??? Pretty damn often, an assist is when a player passes to another and the player passed the ball scores...Kobe can't rack up assists if his teammates aren't hitting. Your a fan of players who do all that but have trouble winning, go watch Lebron but don't sit here and sprout off when your speaking about info which you know nothing about
  • jake_adoboHe wasnt a ballhog during shaq days,that after when he had luke walton chris mihm kwame brown smush in the starting 5...u just pure hating..go to your room
  • dgdodgersfan@travisheinrichs You can't have a battle of wits with and unarmed person @inkmywholebody__ LOL
  • plantbasedlife365Don't be mad about the truth! Haha I'm a hater right that's why I'm a die hard. Don't be blinded if kobe passed we would be winning plain & simple
  • jake_adobodie hard fan my ass,we had kobe since '96 ,we won 5 with him,and your not even 30 fck u not even 25 so go to your room,im not a hater my ass..
  • whenrealseesthefake@inkmywholebody__ you THINK your a fan....just because you own a Lower Merion Aces #33 jersey doesn't mean you've been a fan since HS. It means you've got a #33 Lower Merion Aces jersey. Maybe if you'd stop reading BSPN you would know why LA hasn't been dominting like they were projected to. Has nothing to do with Kobe. You need to go and look at the +/- ratio for when he's on the court compared to being off....that might change your tune alittle bit. Smh
  • plantbasedlife365Hahajaha losers actin like you guys know squat hahahaha
  • laurenceclaudio94Jeez no group of people can fight each other than laker fans, we're all on the same team
  • al_sako10Greatest to ever play the game period. He's doing what micheal did back then and even better. Kobe can beat anyone man to man one on one he's the greatest basketball player that has ever played.
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