Is this the end for these two? #Jets #Bills
  • e_manIs this the end for these two? #Jets #Bills

  • jrock96302Sorry although i love sanchez yea it is he's probably gonna head west to seattle
  • joeray18Yea they both suck
  • ppsheikI agree with @jrock96302. He should go to Seattle and work with Carroll again since they have a history @USC. He could probably turn him around.
  • johnnyranzSeattle? They have a great qb in Wilson and are paying Flynn, a backup, just as much as Sanchez. @jrock96302 @ppsheik
  • jrock96302Trust me its Seattle he'll be working with his old USC coach again, meaning he has a jumpstart, since Sanchez knows the style Pete Carroll plays with also when you think Pete Carroll made Sanchez a good QB i think he'll be able to do it again @johnnyranz
  • jrock96302Also if the jets some how get Alex Smith which will be worth a good amount of money might not be given up by the 49ers @youngluisito05
  • jrock96302Plus with all the injured Jets players will be back so it will be better but what the jets need is a much more sufficient running back because, not that Greene isn't good its just he's a "decent" running back what we need is an "all star" running back we need another LT @youngluisito05
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