At halftime, the Texans trail the Colts 14-6. WR Andre Johnson has 5 catches for 57 yards. #TexansGameday
  • houstontexansAt halftime, the Texans trail the Colts 14-6. WR Andre Johnson has 5 catches for 57 yards. #TexansGameday

  • michaelrodroArian foster #beast
  • fiestalopezSchaub is like a big giraffe that can't run!! I totally agree with @chukswill10 (minus the expletives!)...I'm not a Texans basher cuz I love them but, really?? Schauby needs to STOP running 15-20 yds back before he throws & he needs to START being a more aggressive QB. Ok, that's all for now. Oh, and Foster needs to eat MEAT!!
  • chocobelzAmen @fiestalopez
  • brittanyy_@andresgarcia21 😂😂😂😂
  • angel_leah__@benignkarma Schaub needs a goddam pink slip!! He's not leadership material. Looking bewildered every time we go to a huddle. Wtf is that?? Good game, 23 and 99!!!
  • parsharI think it's a play call let's not run on first down !! Schaub can thrown the ball . Lets wait and watch . May be we will get miracle . Remember the same scenario 2/3 yrs back when we had to depend on other teams to lose so we can make it to playoffs . We were unlucky tht time around may be this time we will get lucky and get tht #1 seed . Watever may be the result I'm proud of this team we have came this far !! Instead of supporting other teams in playoffs we are supporting Texans !! I know we played like a bunch of newbies ! Loud and proud Texans !!
  • missnajeraI love my Texans win or lose but DAMN we need to get it together!!
  • matthewsmith23Thank you agreed I am a big fan but we need to get our act together
  • samiep93😢
  • joyfuljenn_I agree. I think TJ needs to be primary and Schaub should be a backup
  • joyfuljenn_@johnjoseph_ but you already know that kubiak won't do that. I think tj is better than schaub
  • jgaston5In the past few games I believe that Yates could've completed passes Schuab didn't. But your right @real_missj
  • joyfuljenn_Indeed. As a fan I'm not satisfied with schaub he can't handle passes under stress or pressure, throws too many incomplete passes, and isn't consistent and I agree with you @johnjoseph_
  • joyfuljenn_I'm still riding with my team, I'm not a bandwagon fan #boom
  • cmackerzzzzzThey needed to give Yates a chance. He did amazing for a rookie and he didnt even have DRE. Matt Schaub has had a hard time with DRE like wtf..
  • tx911@juanpabloroiz Why are you talking like that? What are you, 9 years old?
  • pennycamposWe need to give Tate a chance???????
  • alexjaygWe need a secondary!! Our pass defense is terrible with the exception of J.Jo, we need help. Schaub, well it seems when he's in the spot light (national tv) he freezes up. Makes bad decisions, either over throws or under throws (a lot) and isn't a scrabbler. Fix this and we will have an amazing (not this one hasn't been) season next year.
  • andremassicottDon't fall
  • alpaslanselmanmericgood luck :)
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