@stfujesska See! Light Grenade + lyrics from the song! #incubus #lightgrenades #tattoo
  • dorimarielove@stfujesska See! Light Grenade + lyrics from the song! #incubus #lightgrenades #tattoo

  • stfujesskaI thought you had that!! My tattoo artist was like "I'm so glad you didn't get that grenade it's SO MUCH DETAIL" lol I love this so much
  • dorimarieloveThanks! I love it too! I have nine Incubus related tattoos. I don't mean for them to happen. They just keep inspiring me!
  • queenlodelI lime ur pink zebra curtians;)
  • queenlodelLike...ooops
  • klq0711My shoulder piece is a Brandon Boyd Painting and his hand written signature is on My back from a Vegas meet and greet! They are my Fav band! 😃 I Love your ink!
  • dorimarieloveThanks! I have many Incubus tattoos. And some Brandon pieces as well.
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