R.I.P. Capital STEELO! Shoutout to @gusisrich
  • joeybadassR.I.P. Capital STEELO! Shoutout to @gusisrich

  • hurtcobaiinHe committed suicide. Daamn... I was just started getting into him. I would listen to like water for hours and finally when i decided to look him up on google, first thing i see is the news report saying hes dead
  • ___vyn___So Capital Steez really died?
  • r0yalTOO DOPE
  • rexexx"I woke up in a dream state, this life may seem great but it ain't. It ain't the first time I seen grey, with more high grade. purple rain for the pain. I said I hate to complain, but lately all I see is days are the same." - Rest In Paradise steelo
  • bheimsRIP STEEZ, you will live on. Long live the era!
  • dr_knockbootSince hard work pays off... tell the Based God not to quit his day job --- fiyah
  • xqeezyEvery song he ever got on was a Hit R.I.P to the Best ! Capital Steez we Love you and miss you FAM
  • uliantrujilloThis is exactly what needed to be done, happy to see hes getting the proper respect. True artist
  • lavishbleeksRIP no joke pro eras the best rap group out there screw YMCB crap pro era guys (Y)
  • shiestbubzFace on the handball court...
  • staycdoeone of the best to ever step to the mic. #R.I.P Steez
  • jacob.torrR.I.P amazing artist😢🙏🙏
  • blvck_rvdioR-I-P steez!🙏
  • j_riggsDamn, nice work @gusisrich!!!
  • apexin47 Weeks Ago R.I.P. Steelo Rap In Paradise
  • heidikushereyes 👀❤️
  • k.aitlynnnn@jozifbadmon thanks pro
  • k.aitlynnnn@yung.buddah
  • oregano.niggaThis was bricks ago 😐 @gusisrich
  • oregano.niggaBefore I got you hip to him @gusisrich
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