Coming into San Francisco
  • garydlumComing into San Francisco

  • iheartsunnydaysI love San Fran!
  • _kezmHold the fone! R u overseas?
  • garydlum@_kezm yes, just at Dulles. Bus driver just had a bingle so we're stuck.
  • garydlum@iheartsunnydays I spent a week there about six years ago. It was great.
  • _kezm@garydlum a bingle? Oh dear, hope u r all ok and won't be delayed.
  • garydlum@_kezm we're moving now. 45 minute delay.
  • _kezmOh dear, that's the delay I had at Syd Airport this arvo. The strong winds are messing everything up in the east coast.
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