LA: win a free @Sonos Play:3 + see @NosajThing at #SonosStudio on 12/5. Leave your e-mail & tell us why you want to win
  • thefaderLA: win a free @Sonos Play:3 + see @NosajThing at #SonosStudio on 12/5. Leave your e-mail & tell us why you want to win

  •, I should win because I'm from NY and seeing nosajthing would be awesome! Don't you see my IG name! #lowendtheory
  • I should win because I've been down with Nosaj Thing since day 1 and I'm about life without wires b
  • I should win because I'm from Wisconsin....there's nothing exciting going on here
  • sluggersalugiI've been with my girlfriend for close to two years now. Thru our love for music, I convinced her to take a break from studying up north and come meet me for Coechella. There was magic in the air that night.. Maybe it was the contact buzz, or the loud music and crazy lights; but we both felt it. I asked her to be mine at the end of the Nosajthing set and we've been together ever since. Anyway, that was early 2011 and shes back in town for the holidays.. Would love to take her back to where it all started =)
  • hells_noI wish I lived in LA
  • because it's really tough lovin such good music through wires
  • - to give someone who's never seen them before a chance and to jam to them some more on those speakers when I get home
  • discosadieLA born and bred Doctor by day and DJ by night. Huge fan of the system but can't afford it as a post-doc. Really love the idea of streaming rdio, having the flexibility to stream digitized vinyl through iTunes, and generally create a janelle monae dance party at all times.
  • because it's my birthday! :)
  • - - because I've been listening to dude since Drift and a sonos setup at home would make his tracks sound dope! Plus, who doesn't like visiting the sonos studio? (bottle tones was sick)
  • jonbova@thefader cuz I like my shit loud as hell homie that's way!
  • yesiamjeffreyMusic is the key of life and me life force would sound good coming out of#sonostuidios masterpiece
  • love listening to music and we need one of these at work! I am a cook at Disneyland and we would love to have a Sonos in our kitchen to bump some music and help us get through the long day where we spend much of our time cooking for our guest just to add a little bit more of magic to their experience at the resort! So please choose me!
  • thefaderthanks for entering - the contest is now closed.
  • grichard18Cool .
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