I don't even kno what to say.... #2Leashes #FOURteenyearoldParents
  • kyle_regalI don't even kno what to say.... #2Leashes #FOURteenyearoldParents

  • leahohsfield@samanthabr4gg thank you.
  • ryanebailey@kyle_regal ask them if you can pet there dog
  • ryanebailey@iamrechkki seemed fitting
  • bron.lahrs@kuchlife & if you have more then 2 children or you have kids that don't always want to hold your hand or run away near a road. Rather have a child on a "lead" in busy times then a hurt/dead child
  • kdiprimaI'm doing the with my children
  • bron.lahrsIt's not lazy. I pity you americans so much, so judgemental. Hope you have taken the time to teach your child to be nice to people & respect other people's way & how they wish to parent. I'm sure you have done many "lazy" parenting things that others don't agree with but you don't see us bigger people bashing you @iamrechkki
  • bron.lahrsAlso if your child is screaming in shops cause they don't want to hold your hand or your holding them then you would just get as many judgmental looks. You couldnt win. I've never used them on my children, but if needed to to insure their safety I would.
  • bron.lahrsPlus airport are extremely busy or other busy places. you don't want someone accidentally knocking over the child cause they are smaller or someone making you let go of each others hand
  • bron.lahrs@iamrechkki
  • bron.lahrsWhere shall I send your best parent award? You prob think bottle feeding is also lazy @iamrechkki
  • bron.lahrsHave a nice day. If it doesn't hurt you why bother wasting your breath in trying to make some parents feel bad for insuring the safety of their children @iamrechkki
  • bron.lahrsAs I previously said I don't use them love @iamrechkki
  • samanthabr4ggYou're right. It's laziness. Just like I'm too lazy to argue over this nonsense. All I'm saying is don't worry about it! I have two toddlers and if I do what *I* as a parent should to keep them safe in a healthy way, then I will. End of story. @iamrechkki
  • samanthabr4ggPS I haven't even used a leash for my kids but it's not worth ripping people who do!
  • samanthabr4gg👍😴 @iamrechkki
  • novemberlily5614So and what? Worry bout your own life before judging others
  • teelar167Hate parents that do that... They must be heading to the dog park!
  • itsjessyryanYou guys are so judgmental, who cares how they parent their child. It's not wrong, maybe the child's bad and runs off. Do you want to constantly hold your kids hand or have them on your shoulders? .. Me neither
  • brianami_Kyle, you look just as young 👶 miss you!
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