• mistyonpointe#tendu

  • isabelleerlans0nWhere did you dance when you were younger
  • mistyonpointe@give_me_nutella Two small schools in Southern California. The San Pedro Dance Center and The Lauridsen Ballet Center. Two years with each school.
  • isabelleerlans0nThank you. i dance in SO-CAL right now btw
  • saradelreyyyYou are my inspiration to want to become a professional (:
  • savlou22Do you think going to a major ballet companies year round program is what it takes nowadays to get into a company? @mistyonpointe
  • mistyonpointe@savlou22 Not at all. Finding a place that will give you the attention, focus and technique that works for you, is best. If you feel that a major school shows interest in you then you may benefit from going there. But don't go to a school just because it has a big name attached to it.
  • savlou22@mistyonpointe Thank you soo much!! I have been contemplating it a lot and just want to make the right decision!
  • _olivialang_I am 13 and I feel like it's too late to work towards pointe. I do tap lyrical and jazz, but is it too late? @mistyonpointe
  • dancer_allyYes turn outttt! @mistyonpointe
  • sophlajkoszYou are perfection, i look up to you so much
  • jacqui_zollnerOlivia_h_lang....its never too late
  • annikakgreenig@mistyonpointe You are such an inspiration to me as a dancer. You have broken down so many ballet stereotypes and are such a great role model. Anytime in ballet class when I'm feeling not good enough, or that I'm not ment to be a dancer, I can think of you and keep on pushing.
  • melanie_lynn_You are an amazing dancer. In the middle of ballet my teacher showed us some amazing videos of you on YouTube. You are my insperation. :-)
  • xray7hourWow. Elegant bodybuilderish.
  • alexiajovanovicThe costume is beautiful!!!
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