just minding my own business and then THIS happened. a foot from my face. commence girly freak out.
  • coco.kelleyjust minding my own business and then THIS happened. a foot from my face. commence girly freak out.

  • kendra.pearceI would have died! 😱
  • littlepaperlaneI found a huntsman today as big as my shoe...seriously his legs went out the sides after I squished him and I was telling my friend in a shop and another lady got angry at me for killing it 😁 awkward!! But seriously... I am so scared and it was almost dead and I had to put it out if its misery! Summer freaks me out!
  • gozags@casslavalle well, luckily only 1 out of 4 is deadly poisonous. 🐜 😉
  • trishabrinkAre these seriously poisonous?? I picked one of these up the other day in my house to show my boys....with my OWN HAND! Eeeep!
  • jl_designsBlech!!!!!
  • jessicacranda11Eeeew
  • coco.kelley@trishabrink I don't think they're poisonous - he's just messin with us! still not okay to keep finding in my apartment! this is the 2nd one...
  • dawndelrusso😱...
  • maggie__stephensI had one up on top of my window 8 feet up! Swinging the broom around... I'm lucky I didn't break the window.
  • trishabrinkPhew!! :). They're pretty thick up here too. Came in with my tree, I kinda like them myself....but NOT in the house!
  • withlovekacieEeeeew. I am not a fan of bugs. Especially not on my pillow. Blech.
  • sparkleighUgh!!!
  • iamamypenningtonO holy jesus
  • ashley1000wordsThis whole thread just made me laugh. : ) I think it's a stink bug.
  • grantkgibsonI thought it was part of the pillow design.
  • itsalessiaOmg eww
  • coco.kelley@ashminder stink bug!?!? Ugh. I cannot handle it!!!
  • ishkadesigns"commence girly freak out". Hilarious!!!
  • joannajonesidI laughed so hard at this. Once found a giant bug on a clients drapes. Froze until the super came up to get it. True story. #hatebugs
  • ashley1000wordsIt's a really good thing you didn't squish it because they really do stink when you smash them. Ewe.
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