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  • mistyonpointe#ABT #Luxure

  • imaginerobLove this! I want this picture on my wall...send it to me!!
  • ginamarie423@mistyonpointe do you wear gaynor mindens?
  • mistyonpointe@ginamarie423 absolutely not!!!!! Lol. Bloch Axiom
  • ginamarie423@mistyonpointe good! They almost looked like gaynors, glad to hear they're not 😊
  • the_koko95@mistyonpointe @ginamarie423 are gaynors bad?
  • mjballet99This is beautiful!! Do you like your Blochs? I am looking for a new shoe @mistyonpointe
  • mistyonpointe@mjballet99 I do. Though it's hard to suggest pointe shoes for someone just because you like them. It all depends on the shape of your foot and your specific needs. That's why there are so many brands to choose from.
  • mistyonpointe@lexgrenko Not necessarily. They do work for some people though I think few actually look good in them. They are what some may call a "new age" shoe. Not traditional in the way it's made therefore it effects the look and the way the foot works in it.
  • the_koko95@mistyonpointe oh thanks! I have a pair and I think they show my arches well, but I'm definitely switching brands once the gaynors finally wear out, I might try Mirella Professionals or Advanced :)
  • sienna_cerviHi @mistyonpointe I'm just wondering, next year my dance teacher wants us to go on pointe, I would like to too, what exercises should I do over the holidays to have more of a chance of getting on first try at the phisio?
  • mjballet99@mistyonpointe ok thank you so much! I used to wear Bloch aspiration and now wear freeds but I'll definitely look into more models of Blochs including the axiom. Thank you again! :)
  • imaginerob@mistyonpointe you, your dance, your look, personify strength and beauty, together, so well; that combo, bombarded with your intellect makes you something special. Everyone is unique..and your uniqueness stands out...it shines.
  • sofiaborggg@mistyonpointe you are such a great dancer and I look up to you. Thank you for inspiring me. Keep working hard!💕
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