SideLines And Pride Times, No Lions, Im So Lying If I Say I Wasn't Tryin To Buy In To These Game, Cupid Ain't Do No Flyin Angles Ain't Do No Cryin, Just Sighin, I Am 14 I Got Nots There Will Be No Tyin, No Mayan Can Tell Me What Time Imma Find Mine, So When I'm In My Death Bed Dyin Imm Be Wearin Some High End Close With A Msft Tie In My Hand With That Red Loud Siren, I Won't Be Denyin My Evil Deeds So Ill Be At Heavens Gate With A Crow Bar Pryin, While There Screaming Don't Let This Guy, Feeling Sorry For My Self Catcher In The Ryein.......Then I Woke Up Lyin On The Beach 
Ps Christopher Syre Msft Attire.

Inspired By My Music
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