#Mariners war room at #WinterMeetings
  • mariners#Mariners war room at #WinterMeetings

  • luismamontesdeocaGood luck guys, let's make a winner
  • thedeejenksEasily one of the best uses of instagram I've seen so far
  • photo_phreddyHopefully see some good bats come from this!
  • fajenningsDo it for the ghosts of M's past!
  • jgodfrey42I should be on that team
  • esherls@fajennings I agree 100%!
  • jdnasetYeah trade sum pitching to KC for Gordon or Butler
  • c_muellGarrett Jones and Joel Hanrahan for Smoak, Jaso, and Noesi #Rumors
  • life.in.the.fast.lainWhatever you guys do, PLEASE dont give up King Felix, Vargas or Seager!
  • brodell26@c_muell that'd be such a crucial deal, especially if the M's could sign Napoli
  • bob_lagsSign HAMILTON and NAPOLI
  • c_muellI agree part of me wants to see if Smoak has figured it out but I'm also ready to compete now
  • liftbothofusI hate this part of baseball. I get the feeling my hearts going to break... Again. :'(
  • drainyourheartI'm at the winter meetings aspiring to be a PR media relations director. I would LOVE to be up there learning everything I can! Any chance this could happen?
  • dj_kalambre@liftbothofus forget heart break! the mariners need to break hearts instead of being broken.
  • derekatkinsonI'll buy season tickets if you sign Hamilton
  • nolangorczycaGuys the Rangers are not gitting rid of Hamilton
  • jdnasetJ. Bay and Ibanez.... Wow not exactly the big bat were lookn for
  • jdnasetVictorino would'a been nice
  • jakeperrow@seattlemariners wow how cheap are we! Hamilton would have changed the franchise. Go get someone with power now
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