This happens more than I'd like to admit
  • matttokaThis happens more than I'd like to admit

  • aelsnait took me some time to get it...
  • dbeat.creepAll the time c: xD
  • tayzzerstrongYup only Ioose my phone when I'm on it :(
  • thetreeguardianHey I saw you yesterday at the fox theatre for the first time and I was really impressed! I loved your music and the way you really got the crowd going!!! Your officially my favorite singer/band now!!!!! @matttoka
  • aggro.byrdDinklebuuuuuuurg.
  • dbeat.creep@its_steven97 I know right . He was amazing ^_^ amazing show :D
  • thetreeguardian@kittyvonsixx yes! I love how after the show he actually like talked and hung out with his fans. Ronnie just kinda ran away. But this guys amazing ^.^
  • dbeat.creepI know c: Matt talked to mee ands hugged mee :o I almost died :D I mean don't get me wrong. Ronnie was great too! But Matt actually took time to get us super hyped c: but I like how FIR walked off then came back with tragic magic c: amazing! @its_steven97
  • thetreeguardianI loved when they played caught like a fly its like one of my favorite ^.^ @kittyvonsixx
  • reb_lexxI loved Matt!! I stole a kiss from him💋it was worth it. Amazing show hands down
  • e.v.yensenToo often .-.
  • youmakemefeellikeits19.86Lol. This happens to my History teacher. She'll be looking for her regular glasses for hours to find them on her head. Haha
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