On set for my new ad.. Coming soon my ppl
  • usainboltOn set for my new ad.. Coming soon my ppl

  • jared_guminaIM YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!
  • jared_guminaIM YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!
  • catherinebird22wow ur a fast runner!:0
  • molly_duggannVirgin media
  • funkymac123Big advert
  • captainclutch6I'm. Tour biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cambinder_beast
  • _billy_lowther_I've got virgin
  • callmeshoni___What is your favorite brand of spikes?
  • mz0678I'm big Fun, U R the best Love..👑
  • m_currier15U r da boss
  • parkerpearlsevery single time i run i always think about what went through YOUR head hitting that finish line. you are so amazing and my inspiration. I see you run and I wonder how the hell you could do that. Heaven blessed you. Every day When i get tired and don't feel like running i think about EVERY single practice that you do. I think about how you probally get soo tired but you still drag on, so that you can be better than you were the day before. You make me push myself as hard as i can, i want to be in your postition one day, standing past that finish line in tears knowing i made it, i was the one first. Having gold around my neck, Knowing i earned it. That i paid for it with days if sweat, months of sore muscles, years of losing, years of winning. Now that you hold the record, and you still work so hard it makes me realize that when you are running, you arent just running to beat everyone else but you're running for yourself as well. thank you so much for giving me inspiration, you are amazing. I hope you read this and see it. I hope one day i go to the olympics and get gold and you see me and say "that was because of me."
  • adam.t__@usainbolt r u fast
  • littlejerryNo he's slow YES HE IS FAST @champion2535 lol
  • badder_den_anybodyYou run fast and I run track
  • najla_fratellaI love you
  • 501_alyssa_I love track! You are a huge inspiration for me. You are my hero😊 every single time I run I think of you running and so I run faster! You are amazing
  • ayxnfe_Inspiration
  • sxphie_rxbertsYou r a real inspiration
  • sxphie_rxbertsI was only 3 seconds of ur record
  • gustvialSigueme 😭😭😭 I am your fan
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