• zoratonimayaBeautiful.

  • happilynappymeIt took me only 10 times to read it out loud to figure out what it says
  • marski38Haters... Lol #ninernation
  • a_w_r@mlorsch0331
  • handsome32_kingleoCheck your record. Then come holla at this NINER @nakiawrites
  • robin_jasmineWow that's true hate bc they paid for that o_o silly silly. Waisted dollars AND energy! Cuz what @handsome32 said lol. Silly
  • zoratonimaya@handsome32 no thanks. Not interested. @robin_jasmine wasted? It's beautiful. I don't think it's wasted at all. Beautiful art. Oh, and I'm pretty sure they've had this license plate for longer than the one season that the 9ers have been good in over 12 years. But yeah, I love it!
  • robin_jasmineTechnically we've got at least 4 good seasons in the last 12yrs, which ill take over the raiders 1 ^_^
  • zoratonimayaGood for you @robin_jasmine. We have too, along with going to the Super Bowl *shrug* this isn't a debate about your record. I couldn't careless. I just liked the license plate. Happy Sunday.
  • robin_jasmineU know I'm checking records before I start talking sh...I don't remember raiders stats that far back....and w football it's always about records and titles!! Glad you enjoyed the plate. Hope you enjoy a bay team winning our conference! I would if the raiders did but I betcha it'll be the Niners again this year ;)
  • 7_teenthletter#lmfao#plate#convo#
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