The rings! With @jianghomeshi @cbcradioq
  • diamondringsmusicThe rings! With @jianghomeshi @cbcradioq

  • goldandyouthAmazing. How are you guys even awake?
  • gordonjasonjPros.
  • katlamchopsHi! I'm a huge fan and I have tickets to come see your performance tonight :) unfortunately my friends didn't get tickets before they were sold out. I'm taking a shot in the dark hoping you can do something for us 😬
  • mizcannonWhere can we buy those tanks??
  • restingonabigleaf@diamondringsmusic I would pay good money for those tanks! Saw your show in LA at Amoeba Music in October, and you blew me away.
  • cdngrrlDownloaded the new album while listening to the Q podcast. This broke my Monday blues big time! Positive, inspiring, depression killing, brilliant, fun music. This album will be like my morning coffee, it'll get me going! Love it, thank you.
  • nireofficialHey hunni next time ur in LA lets link & do some music :)
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