Going to have to back @marcjohnson_ on this one. A must-read for all skateboarders. Www.jenkemmag.com ---vote with your dollars, it's the only power we have.
  • ed.templetonGoing to have to back @marcjohnson_ on this one. A must-read for all skateboarders. Www.jenkemmag.com ---vote with your dollars, it's the only power we have.

  • ed.templetonSwank has had to make choices to even stay in business. One of those is certain boards sent to Europe come from China. The US boards are made in the US by a wood shop that Swank owns. One of the few left.
  • ed.templeton@skkateboarder also, to complicate this issue, shops started making "shop boards" or selling blanks, shooting the skate companies in the foot.
  • freddy_shreddy@tempster_returns crazy Ed, I just posted this, proud we think alike
  • skkateboarderI think the key factor in most of these developments in the industry is the popularity of skateboarding post 80's but pre thps/x games. that seems to be the time that modern philosophies about "what skateboarding is" really took root. that was followed by huge boom in skateboarding. more brands! more parks! more pros! more everything..... then it popped and everyone pointed fingers (blank boards, china, etc) now its back up again and everybody wants to try and protect themselves, their income and the culture. problem is we have to thank these evil corpo types for getting us back up again .
  • dougieee_buckets@tempster_returns our shop decks are straight from alian workshop in cincinnati
  • garlic_fingersnever question ed s political skateboard knowledge @enepze
  • jeremy_sidewalkLocal shops #allday
  • assholemikeSo Rob Dyrdek's Happy Star skate park right?
  • cecilsgothisnewpiece@saltttttttt 👏local only
  • blake_van_egerenI think it would be interesting to see the reaction from the skateboarding community if a large group of skaters went and skated outside the offices of the large corporations that sponsor skaters or own skateboard companies, like Nike. It would be interesting to see the reaction of these companies that endorse skateboarding, handle the ideology of street skating. Which questions the ownership and usability of public/private space.
  • kiddynamite90Capitalism. Thanks for selling gnar 40$ boards though.
  • ed.templeton@bvegram yes, Sheckler gets arrested trying to skate the rail at the RedBull corporate offices. That would be priceless.
  • j_r_clayton#support #local #companies
  • owlvetica_bdg@puppetskate menarik ni yok diskusi nya hehe
  • owlvetica_bdgwe in indonesia also aware about this @tempster_returns support those who support you, by skateboarders for skateboarders
  • aug__dog@tempster_returns when you say "shop decks" are you referring to local skate shops that have their own decks? like here one shop is called 'Just Skateboards' they have a team called 'Just' and sell Just decks 10 bucks less than other deck companies. I only buy their decks, thinking I'm helping skateboarding, by buying local
  • _andareavantiI was sidetracked by their article: "Searching for MILFS at Street League".
  • carlonerossiIn a world where nature, people and animals die everyday in the name of consumerism, waste and profit is the least that could happen, and is also the least important loss to the world. I love skateboarding though.
  • mandoalvarez@aaronchristopherbarr Couldn't have said it better myself. I was thinking the same thing as I was reading these comments. It IS the same thing with music too, though. The anti-establishment is no more.
  • jenkemmagthank you ed!
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