Last night at @TheGame 's bday with Camilla and @souljaboy
  • rosaacostaLast night at @TheGame 's bday with Camilla and @souljaboy

  • 0rganixHaha, everyone just trashing soulja boy here. No mercy... @thrubuxeyes Definitely a lot of popular garbage, but there is still hot stuff around.
  • el_negro_21i thought game was a blood ... why he in blue
  • romebuxI aint gonna front tho #0rganix i kinda was hoppin out my bed and gettn my swagg on when he dropped dat jont! Haaa. Soulja a smart lil youngin with his internet pimpin. And Ur Right there is alot of hot stuff still around.. Im Bumpin that Currency "Stoned Immaculate" Cd right NOW!! Best heat in years to me.
  • romebuxGuess a red suit was Too Suge Knighttish for The Game.. Haaa
  • illwill400I been on Game since his first album and I come from a Crip set. He shows both sides of the flag the red&blue. But I sure do see a lot young kids picking up red rags and ain't never banged before. I would encourage any young wannabe to watch "Made in America" Crips&Bloods. Before you pick up any flag.
  • captainherbalfit@illwill400 I can't speak from experience but why don't the Brothas that made it out the Thuglife teach the young bucks the consequences of it on your life & all around you? Kids is killin kids for no reason, just to be in a gang. It's crazy.. What's ya thoughts fam?
  • illwill400It's what the kids look to that spark the violence. Entertainers like lil Wayne encouraging the wrong thing. Honestly you can't make millions of dollars and then start gang banging. If he likes it or not he has a responsibility to these kids. He picks up a red rag and so does a million kids who are imitating what he does. Now these same kids get caught in the wrong hood flashing those colors and now a life is lost. Crips and bloods where about protecting the black race originally. We are the most dominate race on the planet but in the early 90's our race experienced a genocide. Brought on by ourselves.South central LA experienced more deaths then the civil war in the early 90's. Blacks killing blacks all over colors. "Government"agencies leaving train yards filled with automatic rifles and telling both gangs that they're there. They want us to wipe each other out and we're helping them do it. But I got lil homie over here that wants to be hard. Being hard is taking care of yourself and living a long life. But a change is coming we just have to start pointing out what's wrong when it happens.
  • aalopez501@takosauce Lmao
  • crimecityfilmsHad a blast
  • souljaboyturnt up
  • matassPoof 💥
  • luie13thSoulja is on
  • souljaboyturn up
  • vvkphotoThe up was on! #vvkphoto
  • devondebany@rosaacosta great pic, my friend Lorena was telling me about that party. Too bad I'm in Afghanistan -_-
  • kyanismommy_I wanna do what you do ! @rosaacosta
  • shrondareeves@illwill400 I agreed these entertainers some are selfishly not socially responsible its sad..... Blackfolks
  • jmky_b@1souljaboy talentless
  • jmky_b@clawaaaa lol #truth
  • cheefa91U be hangin out wit @handsomemurderer a lot huh? I'm pretty jealous ill say :p
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