"Don't believe everything you read in the f*ckin news." Even though it's very entertaining!
  • ryanleslie"Don't believe everything you read in the f*ckin news." Even though it's very entertaining!

  • paposmamii@dswain93 rap weasel?? LMFAOOOOOOO
  • diggaliveHow is he a rap weasel? God whoever wrote that needs to burn in hell
  • rhetttawrmeF@#% @NYPOST wit a jagged dildo! Just a Bunch o' S*** smearing ball sniffers! Always hated this publication! Hope a plumbers wrench falls in their press! @NYPOST!
  • smooveonthebeat_ycmgU did better than me cuz I would have gone for blood bro once I realized who took it I would have kept it out of court n delta wit that Bitch ass excuse for a man myself. N what was the point of u paying that much if u weren't gonna get the contents back? ??
  • smooveonthebeat_ycmgOr pay anything for that matter
  • whu_happenY'all sound very ignorant.... There's a new exercise called reading, and if you do it enough, MAGICALLY you become informed about things going on and don't sound like a cheap groupie, men especially....
  • marquetti@brvndont
  • brvndon@marquetti @spacekid
  • mangoshakefitness@whu_happen hahaha #thetruth
  • daffi__"That's why i don't give no comments in these Interviews!" 👆
  • anissa_evolThis is Hilarious.
  • aboobamusicFree press
  • atfballerGuess that was a milly well spent! ! @ryanleslie
  • ddubleoBitter journalists n papers, they need to stop displaying bitter and envious hatred and gwop up!! (For those who dont understand increase your financial power)
  • sadittybThat was in a sense extortion. Why would someone pay to have something they owned returned to them?! Even if a reward was offered, that man knew the computer wasn't his or whoever he got it from. What's more the music wasn't even on the computer anymore.
  • swaggy_p_babyFuck the news do what you do and may God bless u bro
  • ibryanthomasThey only doing you like this cuz you right under mike & prince. Hetep!
  • pr_heavySaw the Hot 97 interview he said wasn't anything on it just wanted to see if would just turn it in on principal (not exact statement so don't quote that )
  • miguelandleann4ever#momoneymoproblems #nohatersallowed
  • djblackvibez@h_kula21 @e2goeze
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