Perfections NYC
  • shadmossPerfections NYC

  • melnyc2@officialbowwow aka Boy Wonder hit me. I may have POA for 2013 if you onboard.
  • dynastycaliyou would think all of that 106 and Park money that they are pain you you would be at a charity fine instead of a strip club.... wow thank you just saying....
  • dynastycaliYou would think with all that 106&Park money they paying u...u would be at a charity fund or some thing... instead at a strip club standing on a bunch of ones..... I'm just saying.... wow thank you BET... and sorry about the first blog.... it was a little f***** up..
  • temp101Would BET approve this? Lol
  • sophie___240Y'all leave the man alone wat does his personal life got to do with his job fucking haters, love u
  • sophie___240@officialbowwow love u man
  • modern_keeshYall need to quit making BET out to be the model network lol. The same station that showed uncut videos? Gimme a break.
  • n2_something_hawtOk
  • shymilakingsqueenI love it ..keep looking out for us ladies
  • smithkushieYall know damn well bow wow empty his accounts shoe box'd his cash and claimed peanuts. F*ck outta here yall never f*cks with the streets? Its called NOT CLAIMED, b*tches.
  • queenznevafakinitI was there shit was Odee live
  • auraliciiousMy favorite spot @officialbowwow
  • sv@officialbowwow make shorty fall in love when I fall in king of diamonds.
  • denzilbkWe turnt it up in that bitch #BET #YMCMB
  • modellish_indian_queen@officialbowwow I don't know why everybody all in this man business he is a grown man /n I know he has his own money that know body knows about /everybody want judge him who doesn't even know him personally /mind your own business lol 😬😬
  • beautiful_julieNext time I see you we fighting lol @officialbowwow
  • dollar__boyAll that ca$h$$$
  • iamfulltimefitzI'm a NYC party promoter bro and I would like for you to come to 1 of my events either on a Thursday or Sunday you're choice just let me know
  • kayecole_😠😡
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