Fresh off of FedEx - Naluark the beluga arrived by "whale mail!"
  • goodmorningamericaFresh off of FedEx - Naluark the beluga arrived by "whale mail!"

  • sarahdcruse
  • kittysoloI love this!!! ❤😍😍❤❤😍😍😍❤
  • anarchyfuelIt's like the elephant man
  • ameliatheresiakreally love you pic  check me out and guys please follow me if you want 
  • mommynisebbelugasssss 
  • haleygirl272Aw how adorable!! What a sweetie
  • thefitnessfairydotcomThey don't live well in captivity. I hope he/she survives. Such a beautiful animal. They need space, lots of it. They died in the Atlanta aquarium.
  • shannonenosI love whales!! ❤
  • doerayheemWhere is it's eyes I think that ones dad is also his uncle..
  • dtrrozBeluga whales have been thriving at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago for years. Although yes, an animal always needs more room to roam than what is given to them. I love belugas, and am currently going to school in hopes of one day working with either captive or wild individuals. Such a fascinating species.
  • scabycatCool!!
  • kayleecrandallBe nice to that poor baby...
  • dopeswag_____________Awww so cute
  • cat_on_a_hot_tin_roof_Beluha)
  • tidesofourlivesDislike. Belugas haven't "thrived", several have died prematurely. Captivity kills.
  • azizaramadanso cute I saw this on the news this morning..hope the flight with fed ex was comfortable for the cutie!!
  • madamepeel@cameda je veux un béluga !
  • cameda@madamepeel crois en mon expérience, cela sent mauvais de la bouche 😜
  • titi16Bellísimo 
  • babylove298He's clearly never seen a dentist
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