"I first fell in love with dance when ________"
  • sfballet"I first fell in love with dance when ________"

  • caitlinmcavoy@kathleen_dahlhoff is this you?!
  • blaaaiirrWhen I got my pointe shoes :)
  • annaphase__I saw Swan Lake performed by the Kirov
  • abcdefgtredoggadfI first saw the #nutcracker performed by #sfb right here in sf!
  • emilyfayyeWhen I saw the nutcracker for the first time!
  • jessicarudolph95I realized it was missing in my life
  • alexandrathrappI saw the snowflakes dance with the sugar plum fairy at my hometown San Francisco ballet at age 3! :)
  • not_tessaI had seen the Nutcracker so many times, I just had to try it!
  • kmamalehrI didn't like sports.... sooo I turned to dance
  • susiejaxI saw Baryshnikov's Nutcracker with Gelsey Kirkland on tv. Snow was my favorite.
  • memphismargaretWhen I became a backstage mom and realized the work that goes into something that looks so effortless and beautiful! I am in awe and love seeing my daughters work so hard and loving it!
  • katiedidz...when the first classical note played & the first stage spotlight beamed down on my face...from the first note, the first feeling of grace & poise yet full freedom & joy...from the first applause feeling proud of my hard practices...all of it...it was over from day one. #hooked #iloveballet
  • mahgenjeanWhen I stepped up to my first ballet barre and nailed a plié
  • kathleendahlhoff@caitlinmcavoy haha no, I never did that spot! It's lily Rogers and Sasha Desola
  • caitlinmcavoy@kathleen_dahlhoff lily rogers looks exactly like you in this!
  • kathleendahlhoff@caitlinmcavoy yesssss! *fist pump*
  • yvonneadams1When I was three
  • theballerinalifeWhen I danced the lead in my studio's ballet (The Magic Toy Shop) in 4th grade.
  • sofiafarrah_I was to late, hopefully you'll see me in 3 years and not be able to tell.
  • sofiafarrah_Scratch that. Hopefully you see me this summer or next and not be able to tell.
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