S. Dot --- still hard to believe 5 yrs later #HTTR #21
  • antoniopierceS. Dot --- still hard to believe 5 yrs later #HTTR #21

  • eadulog@chop131
  • chicagogodAlways looked forward to his hard hits.
  • 203in954Always reppin the I_I!!! Sean Taylor RIP
  • dprimetime42Im a raiders fan but theres a play ill never forget that was sean taylor just running over robert gallery and blow up lamont jordan on a screen i was like wow hes a safety?!
  • coach_tugGiant Fan to the death of me but ain't afraid to say my Fav player was a redskin!!!!!!
  • minameanThat defense was something special and Sean just set it off ... RIP#21 #HTTR
  • lrodnycRespect!!
  • aprilreignsRest In Peace Sean Taylor #21 gone but never ever forgotten
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