Sales meeting this AM...clearly Sky is the one actually conducting it ;)
  • rachelzoeSales meeting this AM...clearly Sky is the one actually conducting it ;)

  • lapetitepeachToo cute!
  • efexmela92want тo еᴀrɴ еxťra 105 daιly froм hоmе? so vіѕιт ruñgоv com - not a scaм, i promisе!
  • anneclairelathamWhat a great place to work:) I wish more bosses would set the tone of letting babies come to work :)
  • yasemin_dilaraNice
  • iznelsonmervakI wonder if she lets her employees being their babes to work tho or just she can?
  • xannybarzI'd be so annoyed if a fuckin baby was at an important meeting like that. Unnecessary distraction.
  • luscious_guruLet the baby be a baby and go to a Playgroup instead of business meetings and fashion shows... love Rachel but c'mon....
  • myrnadobbinI think it's amazing and loving you bring sky to work rachel! Completely my type of mom😊
  • zouzouboutiqueBelieve me.. Baby would way rather be right there with mommy than any play group or playground:)!!
  • tabetha102Obviously those of you moaning about the baby don't have kids! Imagine being able to mix work and home life so naturally! The world would be a happier place and woman like you wouldn't be so uptight!
  • shabang86@cstout37 @iznelson its her company, if her employees want to bring their kids to work maybe they should start their own company.
  • cstout37@shabang86 - ouch. I wasn't being negative but clearly you wanted to be.
  • cstout37@iznelson I agree. I have 2 babies and it would kill me to sit in a mtg with my boss' baby while mine are in daycare :(
  • shabang86Oh shut up, you little comment was so negative. Grow up and get a life, maybe one day you will be able to take your kid to work, and not just sit on the internet and hate on those that can. @cstout37
  • hellomollygirlI'm just happy none of you negatives nancies are my mom.
  • _bobbypinzHaha loves it @hellomollygirl
  • lucylopez19Wish I worked there! Need a hair designer???
  • elizabethajsmithCute Rachel! You go girl! :)
  • deb_quintMust be nice to be the boss and let your kid sit in your lap at work and everyone else at the table prob has to pay to keep their kid in millions dollar LA daycare !
  • hellomollygirlBe happy for people
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