Hoy con el trofeo de la @MLS después del entrenamiento. Today with the MLS trophy after practice. #GoGalaxy
  • paugasolHoy con el trofeo de la @MLS después del entrenamiento. Today with the MLS trophy after practice. #GoGalaxy

  • corysalmonsonHaters get out choose a different team if your gonna hate ur own players!
  • 83132688gasol👋👋👏👏👏😊😊
  • edrobot84Get traded Gasol or work harder. You need to work on your game like kobe and jordan. Practice harder bro. I like you but your game is lacking confidense.
  • isladelacalmaánimo Pau y recuerda que tienes más títulos de la Nba que D'Antoni Howard y Nash juntos #respect
  • georgeserdesQuit being a sissy ass & BALL damn it or get the hell off my team. To whoever says people that talk down on players on their favorite team should bounce. GTFO i want my team to win and when theirs a player getting 19 million that is slacking off and not putting up the stats they should be I'm going to check them on it. It's called being a Real Laker Fan
  • georgeserdesThere's *
  • georgeserdesAin't haten just being real. Why don't u wake up and pay attention to what's up with your team and quit defending players that ain't helping to get the W
  • dony1973Pau, si us plau, mira la meva foto de la cistella de basket i la motivació. Ja diras. Gracies
  • olin_yYou guys should have won by 40pts last night come on man!! Shoot the ball better. Pull it together we want the Lakers not some other crappy team @pau16gasol
  • gurgygurgYou should let your hair grow longer then dye it blonde cuz you're playing like a Barbie doll sissy!!
  • zawiyaperspectiveGood job
  • klperdioPau we love you! Just keep playing your game man! Never give up on plays!
  • lacityykiid187Pau your num 1
  • michaelmora34Man up pau
  • moss88Awesome defense last night. You only gave up 23 points to big baby. #softcone.
  • noe12basketPau soy fan tuya yo llevo jugando al baloncesto siete años y tu eres mi numero 1
  • 83132688Pau gasol and Bryant refueling😊😊😘😘😘🙏🙏🙏
  • natthaphat9595U so hot
  • tankdpkSolo faltan ustedes Los lakers y Los dodgers de ser campeones. Que no se les aga tarde
  • hannahkishi97Dang what a strange peps now a days...... Sorry babe keep ur head up high play ur best and if u win sweet if u loose aww it's ok try again next one and keeps practicing!!!! That's what my mom always tells me !!! :) keep strong and don't pay any attention to the haters!!!! :-) @paugasol
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