#djkhaledbirthdaybash Big up Photos By Seth, @livmiami @davegrutman
  • djkhaled#djkhaledbirthdaybash Big up Photos By Seth, @livmiami @davegrutman

  • johncolejr_@datpmf_rhino tru u diddnt say illuminati but u did say black magic and hey... believe what u want my man
  • prettykryssieLook into my eyes lol
  • atom_atmosphereThats not the form of that handshake, Diddy's thumb is not in position for it. Plus, the two hands are too tightly closed for that form.... But that illum handshake is deff real dont be ignorant.
  • wilhelmbuchmannNot everybody can be a boss,just because lil Kim and junior mafia are broke is because Biggie used to write their shit,plus they probably smoked crack.
  • lovely_mishaI just love diddy
  • wilhelmbuchmannNowadays everyone who's a rich nigger is illuminati,nigger please there's rich people and poor people get over your jealousy.
  • chicago_we_onWhy Ace Hood holding him like that tho?
  • smart3pant@illwill1976 believe it
  • smart3pant@illwill1976 about 95% of them are
  • bulletproof_4he look he telling p diddy ill suck ur dick for a deal lololololo
  • santimar@sosa_cartel thats not a freemason handshake...
  • consequences_001Dat don't look rite...jus sayn!
  • ms_nikkim@tuckerms I agree 😕😳
  • wilhelmbuchmannAce is probably passing diddy a ecstasy pill,no stupid freemason hand shake u paranoid fucks!!!
  • jaysfanAce don't become a Freemason. Fucking puppets. Dance
  • kenfolkdaheadbusaMan dis look gay af....look like them 2 dancing and ace the woman
  • bqman@kenfolkdaheadbusa lmfaoooo 😂😂😂 true
  • twist133Fuck puff daddy
  • cityboy__415It's sad when its a pic of 2people giving a handshake an sum1 find sum thin wrong with that...lmao at yall yall comments-that dnt look rite lol wtf do a handshake look like then...yall hater nation,cold part yall talk all that shit but if u seen um n the u wud b on they dick,can I get a song wit cha,take a pic,then put it on yall page like my diddy or me n ace hood...lmao
  • cityboy__415Seen um in public^
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