I caught the bouquet!!!!!
  • sarahherronI caught the bouquet!!!!!

  • joshcline813Absolutely beautiful! I hope your life continues on a great path. You deserve it and if I don't get a chance with you I hope someone makes you very happy someday. I'm positive someone will :)
  • kaylabisalskiSo, Im almost positive that you wont read this...but my name is Kayla. I was born with one arm just like you. Im currently 16 years old and im a junior in high school. I've been going through a really rough time right now with coping with my arm. Im sure you know what it was like being 16 and feeling like you didnt fit it. It sucks. Seeing you on The Bachelor was a HUGE inspiration to me. Its a good feeling to know that there are other people in the world that are like me! If you read this comment it would truly mean the world to me Sarah! @sarahherron
  • baileyreneebutlerAny man would be a fool not to keep you. 😌
  • ashleykayleenw@sarahherron you're so gorgeous sweet girl!
  • kristen_chandlerrGORGEOUSSS
  • vivianntamYou are ABSOLUTELY beautiful! Drop dead gorgeous with such a sweet heart!
  • cami_paige00You look very pretty I'm so sorry for what happened on the bachelor
  • brit_dinwiddieSoo gorge! #bachelorettepotential
  • alexxmilleru are sooo prettyyyyy
  • indyjennSo pretty!
  • kay_loooveYou are seriously SO beautiful and such an inspiration. Thank you for being YOU.
  • ashleyyy_luvs_youYou are pretty just the way u are Sarah who cares if u have a missing arm ur still beautiful
  • vanorfleetYour so pretty @sarahherron
  • kristina.echolsSuch a beautiful picture of you!! You are absolutely stunning!
  • courtneyjosYou're hair is gorgeous! I would die to look like you!
  • heqtsIt's out so beautiful! I love you! @sarahherron
  • evaherron03My mom took that pic at beckey's wedding
  • jonathansheysBeautiful
  • wanderlustedashPresh @sarahherron
  • mayizlotiBeautiful
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