The Pippen gang!!!!
  • kimkardashianThe Pippen gang!!!!

  • joannecolli@the_mixed_grecian seriously, what a snatch.... get a life, stop putting ppl down, you make yourself sound like trash... i pray to God you NEVER have children, you should be ashamed of yourself.... your mouth is vial.
  • meselah@nemo123r you need to fucking chill you dumb sound just like the other ignorant million Americans in this god forsaken country's#
  • meselah@nemo123r I don't give a fuck about Kim like everyone else on here obviously does like you and everyone else. Oh and your probably white trash by the way you spell your words or a low life black person aka...
  • meselahAll of you are such fucking losers get a fucking life and stop following Kim cuz she don't give a fuck about any of you! So pathetic!!!
  • evejackson_Watch ur language
  • thatgirljadeeeShut up u r so rude ur just jealousy of her
  • royalsrourI think Kim is going to be good mommy stop hate
  • smsss_q8@kweekm_8509 هههههههههههههاااااااي من شااف الكششه وانا غاسله ايدي
  • jory_meme@kweekm_8509 هههههه حده شكلهم ماينفع اجانب
  • amalabdolahايه والله
  • njopmichShe is so cute and lucky to have you as her godmother.
  • maryem_sشن دخلكم يا غايرين كلكم علي كل صورة تعلقوا
  • pelligreen3Adorable!
  • tinataylor7Except Scottie's oldest daughter
  • toty3slاشكالهم كيووت خصوصا البنت الصغيرهه ^_^
  • miss_marley_monroeThis the bitch we need to be watchin at the airport n shit ---> @meselah smh
  • brilrauhliantThey are all cute
  • rojase18Oiy
  • jay_thug_3_هاها... أجانب... والله انك متخلفة... هذا كلام تقولية... مرة محسستني انهم جاين بلدك... @jory_meme
  • obey_aaabro on the left has a lit shirt
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