Payless ABT Spotlights Collection. Meet Misty Copeland...
  • mistyonpointePayless ABT Spotlights Collection. Meet Misty Copeland...

  • marycatecassidyU r my inspiration
  • anapaulafl_Aww you really inspire me! You dance so beautiful! :')
  • lexiemagwoodI Love That Section I Always Check It Out.
  • kedma125MISTY THE ICON!
  • xray7hourThat's phat. Do they carry for girls age 7?
  • apmoul1I use to work at Payless and I loved selling the training slippers. The lil girls trying them on were toooooo cute. Never knew I would now be Instagram and Twitters pals with that beautiful face or being taught by her old teacher from Cali. What an amazing world we live in.
  • every1sbr0therVery nice
  • kedma125YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!
  • mistyonpointe@apmoul1 that's pretty cool!
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