What part if #cookie baking do you dislike? For me it's measuring and mixing powdered sugar #itseverywhere
  • tidymomWhat part if #cookie baking do you dislike? For me it's measuring and mixing powdered sugar #itseverywhere

  • supermom_kelliI do the same thing!
  • jolynneshaneThe clean up! Hate.
  • mommyimhungryThat right there, there's not enough room for the measuring cup to dump in the mixer.
  • itschristinamainOr cocoa powder! I make such a mess with cocoa!
  • aprilmorozcoMine came with a plastic cover to shield the powder... Hmmm
  • bakethatDitto
  • donnaschanYou need the splatter guard! It works great!
  • tidymom@gingerbreadblog mine did too, this is just easier to me
  • tidymom@donnaschan it's the measuring i dislike most! it's impossible to do with out making a mess
  • hendrixa@mommyimhungry they make a plastic thing that goes on the bowl that has a pour spout so you can pour stuff in! I just learned about them and am going to be getting one!
  • tidymom@hendrixz my mixer came with one, but I never use it - I think it makes it even hard to get stuff in. - let me know how it works for you!
  • messijessiblogI turn my mixer off, add the powdered sugar, place the shield on, then turn mixer on very low until powdered sugar is mixed. No more mess. That use to be my biggest dislike until I found that tip out.
  • overtimecookDitto! It's worse than sand at the beach. Can't get it off.
  • heidixon@tidymom I agree - the plastic shield makes it worse. I cover my mixer with a towel just like you and pulse a little a a time until its mixed.
  • tidymom@heidixon plus a towel is always handy - the plastic guard I have to go dig out lol
  • pattypelayoYup
  • saltylittlemama@tidymom I actually use a damp towel. I hate measuring in general. 😏
  • mommyimhungryI have that plastic shield too, but find it worthless LOL.
  • bitsofsunshineAuuuug! Anything that creates dust! Bleh! But the finished products are always worth ut
  • smallhandedI measure inside the bags, level with the back of a knife, dump on parchment paper, pick it up and dump it into the mixer like a chute / cone; no mess...
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