Getting ready for this photoshoot!!! :D
  • catelynnmtvGetting ready for this photoshoot!!! :D

  • mrs_mercado_alvarez@catelynnmtv Hope you and your Fiancé are doing good also #middlefingertoallthehaters
  • e.caroliinaaomg i love you!! xoxo from sweden @catelynnmtv
  • blkrose_i seen you at your job but scared to talk to you
  • m.lucero.t@lostinelise
  • hayleyboyle7You have lost so much weight @catelynnmtv go you!!! Look great for it
  • bridgettevukelichI just love u guys i would die 4 a shoutout @catelynnmtv
  • francy_24Paxxerella
  • so_sarealU should have been ready to be a mother when u had unprotected sex instead of being ready for a photoshoot . Didnt even give it a try smh i just cant respect that u r now living off of the fame that carly gave u . @catelynnmtv .
  • hailey_is_here112Lol
  • purple.rain23x@so_sareal If you think that Catelynn and Tyler gave Carly up so that they could be famous, you haven't watched any of their shows. You can tell how badly they wanted to keep Carly. They did the right thing.
  • thatmccoy@vallinggg 👍well said!
  • thatmccoyPlus you don't give parenthood a "try" it's not like raising a puppy! Smh! @so_sareal
  • so_sareal@nickypickypoo BITCH #SitYoAssDown . Does it take weeks to come up with somethin to say ?? Lmao cause ur suuuuuuper LATE & suuuuuuper WEAK . #Dismissed
  • imjuicyandhecoutureAll these Good Comments out Do the bad ones anyway smh People Never have anything nice 2 say Now a days that's so sad @catelynnmtv Don't let these people get u Down keep doing, Good like u Are keep yo head up Sweetie pie :) Cause ya seem so Sweet You may not have everything Right in yo Life but keep pushing day by day I LOVE U ALWAYS TRUE! FAN real talk Good nite & sweet Dreams
  • _jordyynnnnLooking through their twitterTwitter and instagrams, I DONT see Carly any where. I see this othrr baby, but no Carly..
  • kvondriskaWhy is everyone hating on Cate..? Everyone has had unprotected sex at least once in their lives. Everyone needs to leave her alone! Shes a VERY inspirational young woman to me.. I LOVE YOU CATELYNN. Don't listen to the haters. You're drop dead gorgeous. You've come soo far.
  • jenniferhaskins1995Alexandersmommmy2012 maybe because they only get the see her once a year you dumb fuck.
  • mrs.collins_16very pretty
  • mandiwilkinson3216@_jordyynnnn they are not allowed to post pictures of Carly due to Brandon and Theresa.
  • tonyahevelLittle judgmental, they did what they felt in there hearts was right. It you don't agree unfollow. For all the negative people that post out there.
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