Holy Paso! Kelly & Val will be dancing their Week 3 Iconic Paso again in addition to the free style! #dwts #allstars #finale #mirrorball #teamvally #TeamKelly
  • dancingabcHoly Paso! Kelly & Val will be dancing their Week 3 Iconic Paso again in addition to the free style! #dwts #allstars #finale #mirrorball #teamvally #TeamKelly

  • sgivler@iamvalc @kellymonaco1 p.s I've said before a connection like the two of u have is rare a once in a lifetime thing if u r lucky I hope u embrace that everything happens for a reason u were meant to be in one another's lives what ever that means! Tho I am secretly wishing for u to be a couple! But what ever u make of it I am happy for the both of u!
  • krisiebassingerLove it
  • lyss3386#teamvally all the way!! No one has come further or deserves it more!! You guys have the best chemistry which is huge in dancing. You follow the rules n the judges have been way too harsh on your scores!! All my votes go to you on every device I can find to vote!! Get that mirrorball @kellymonaco1 and @iamvalc !!
  • blkdiamond_93TeamValley love you guys and you are great on GH!!!!!
  • olgafallasAll u haters good luck on tuesday. team vally will win. Best dancers love u guys @kellymonaco1 @iamvalc #winners. #Undefeated
  • sarah_swed@r_convict trust me @iamvalc is moreeeee then happy to dance with Kelly u shouldn't b sorry for him he would choose her over anyone there in a heartbeat
  • laceyirene@sarahmatut word he loves kelly. They even spent thanksgiving together and im not talkin only in rehersals.theyre amazing together he cnt help but call her amazing every chance he gets
  • sarah_swed@laceyirene thank you! I know his obsessed with her he will deff miss her when it's over an she took him so far in this completion he made it past week 3
  • laceyirene@sarahmatut i dont think theyre going to stop seeing eachother after its over :) and she did he just wanted to make it to week 4. Nd now theyre in the finals. Amazing. All these haters r jus jealous
  • sarah_swed@laceyirene I really hope not I love them together I'm sooo happy thy made it this far an I no I hate these haters I can't wait to c @iamvalc @kellymonaco1 win so we can celebrate and prove to all these haters how good our team is!😉
  • laceyirene@sarahmatut yes!!! I couldnt agree more !!!
  • sarah_swed@laceyirene 😍
  • raden.jKelly and val
  • dallasalbury@kellyseyes01 haha no way in the world! Yuck. Funny how you all are so obsessed with them and there fake romance. Sad really.
  • bella_the_fatty_ripKeep it cute or put it on mute!
  • laceyirene@dallasalbury if u dnt like em dont comment of a pic of them. Comment on a pic of the couple u like. We like them and u like who yu like but keep it to urself
  • caitlinxo8WOAH THERE @dallasalbury @kellymonaco1 is anything but fake, I met her and she is real no matter where she is or who shes in front of, you need to back off! Why would you talk crap on a picture of them like go find somewhere else to talk bad this is a picture for #teamvally fans to comment on and enjoy let's not throw words out about Kelly and Val when you don't know them
  • dallasalburyNever said I didn't like her. Said i don't like the romance. Geez. And all of you that say I'm jealous are hilarious. I liked her before Val went and tried to play up the sexy, that ruined it. So jealous hardly. Shes fine but needed a diff partner. And yes she has improved @kellyseyes01 never said a word doubting that! And never said SHE was fake either! Said THE ROMANCE WAS. Pay attention, im thru arguing with you all. Just one persons opinion on THEM as a team. Not HER. Simply put i do not like what he has pulled this season. It became about a romance rather than dancingt. End of it.
  • raden.jMove val wanna see kelly
  • jaidee_annrocks123Kelly you look like a vampire
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