idk? my bff raj! @rajic_carpet #friendsgiving
  • macideshanebookoutidk? my bff raj! @rajic_carpet #friendsgiving

  • ericastaatsWow ... Some of y'all are ridiculous ... Cute pic
  • foxychaosI find reading these make me laugh. Always someone attacking another, calling names and acting like they know you or something. I love all your pictures! A woman can be a mother & a friend. Without friends we'd all be lost. They help keep us sane! @macideshanebookout
  • ricky_drea_hernWoW!!! Grow up seriously if you don't like the pic our have am issue with it then don't look at the damn pic you have some serious issues to be talking like that to someone you don't know. Calling someone fast when you know nothing about them!!! Get a damn life. You are the bad one here. Maci you are one amazing mom and as long as you do your job as a parent I don't see what the problem is going out every now and then to have fun. :-)
  • ricky_drea_hernFat*
  • ashlove221Hj
  • ashlove221B
  • fearmebitch_@vianbreaux lmao slow down turbo. I think it's time to get off your phone and take a break.. #bitchesbecray
  • amandabr33nHe's hot
  • chas_alanaHahaha @teepritchard #bitchesbescary
  • adamwlajoieFaded...
  • 4_pilotsHe is lucky
  • fearmebitch_@chas_alana LOL #thatbitchneedsalife
  • adil_1972💏
  • kararenae1Was that necessary @paula_190 ?? Why are ppl so judgemental ?? It's not your life keep you mouth shut. Is that so hard?
  • sweetjulianaSuch a cute photo
  • colethacatWhen I look at the picture say awwh then want to right a nice comment I see the world battleing over the comments other people write and you know what jealousy is so stupid and all your doing is hurting the person and you know what is so pathetic and stupid thinking writing a comment will change that I know and have seen people say oh bitch sit your fat ass down because I think this way or another well here i did that to someone and turns out I had like a million people go on my personal account and say rude things to me that were so inappropriate
  • colethacat@nicole_panda44 ~continued~ if you think a comment will change their opinion and all your doing I'd makeing them more guilty for what they originally done oh and one more thing yea and saying oh if you have nothing nice to say then don't say it that goes for you actually all of us
  • albertneriLucky bastard :)
  • draya_maunu_photography:) stunning
  • thompsonjoshua96@macideshanebookout one #lucky guy
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