This is what I've been learning tonight...
  • sazzyThis is what I've been learning tonight...

  • samuelbrancool :)
  • iheartnolaI was just researching Sass a minute ago
  • barndt88I've been using LESS for a few months, I'm glad i learned it. I use codekit to compile. Good luck!
  • jmspoolSazz learns Sass!
  • jonpennFeel this woulda me a good infographic
  • johannesbraeunigSass is the better Less. But i think, use whats best for you!
  • chuckneelyNice one Sazzy. We've been using LESS to help develop Typecast for a while now, compiling CSS with variables and mixins is so ridiculously helpful. I'm currently making a case for switching to SASS though, I think it's the right way to go :) good luck with it!
  • chrisroweYou don't need the underscore for imports, good luck with it though! :)
  • bemagicalSASS makes CSS SO much for fun. It's like object programming for styles. @chriscoyier had a few SUPER useful screencasts on it from when he redesigned
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