Sambousik - Lebanese meat  pies
  • kathywakileSambousik - Lebanese meat pies

  • latina56Yummy!!
  • _torrcassoo
  • areej24Love these !
  • csandiego79Padtelillo..empanada..doesn't matter its all although i call them pastelillos :)
  • makeupbyloryrms@brismommy3312 excuse you... who was talking to u? Shame on u for even getting into it.. for ur information I LIVE in PR and if u go to a restaurant here & ask for an empanada they're gonna bring u something like breaded chicken or something like that I'm not sure what it's called in English but MOST DEFINITELY they're not gonna bring you this... a bunch of ppl on here are saying those are PASTELILLOS so wtf are you talking to me for? U need to get ur facts straight before trying to be the instagram superhero smmfh at you
  • jerseybeba@lolo1225 OHHHH BOY Grow up hunny bunch real WOMEN don't need to go back and forth. So with that said have a good night and enjoy your instagram put downs and do something productive like make a PASTELLIO, Empanada or whatever the fuck you expertise is.
  • jerseybebaPpl got nerve. That's the problem with certain "adults" instead of teaching someone who may not know they gotta feel EMPOWERMENT by making someone feel stupid. You say tomato ya girl said tamato same difference. Then instead of understanding where a fellow WOMAN is talking about this little girl want to get all up in arms over it. Go sit down somewhere and get a clue about maturity. Bigot know it alls need to just grow up #simple
  • amanduhrenee86@brismommy3312 you aren't acting like much of an adult either. I am embarrassed for you. This is a lovely picture of someone's lovely thanksgiving. Relax crazy! This picture will not affect you or @lolo1225 in your real lives. So go live them instead of arguing in a comment feed of a celebrity's feed for the world to see how bored you two really are!
  • nikkikissezz@armt YEA!!! Haha all VERY good points. Couldn't agree with you more!
  • punkyd28Some of my fav dishes!!! Wish I was there to consume instead of drool on the phone, lol
  • nonfiction.kitchenThose look just like pastelillos
  • msjimenez609Mmm in puerto rico we called them empanadas my faviorte ;-)
  • kimbyluvspupsempanadas
  • kimbyluvspupsoops (sp?) love the empanadas and pastellies,
  • kimbyluvspupsdon't know if they taste the same but would try them.
  • kimbyluvspupsI thought pastellies were the ones wrapped in bananna leaves and tied up?, love those, home made! my friend is from PR, and her mom makes them, they never last :)
  • divaglamprincessYummy empanadas
  • rockcabu@officialkathywakile looks yummy. I remember making these with my grandma may she rest in peace <3
  • jessfknrocks@kimbyluvspups those are. Pastelillos are what these things are. Well to me anyways.
  • kimbyluvspups@jessfknrocks yea you know what I meant :°)
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