Thankful for surfing, the ocean and fun in the sun!  pic- @brycejohnson #thanksgivingsurf
  • bethanyhamiltonThankful for surfing, the ocean and fun in the sun! pic- @brycejohnson #thanksgivingsurf

  • jade_hilllllamazing
  • larissalindona123Adorei que loco:-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D
  • juliana_evansYou are such an inspiration!
  • aashvi77#rad
  • hannahktutyou are such a big role model of mine! Your soo strong and brave!! I've always wanted to meet you in person but I live far away so.. haha but I hope I can meet you some day!! @bethanyhamilton
  • sophiemercerrOne word awesome
  • nikki_kukielkaOmg!! You are such an Iinsparation!!!! I totally look up to you 😉!!!
  • tennis_vivianI want to be pro surfer!!!!!!! Like you!!!!!
  • kristiacraveyAwsome
  • georgegoodman_your amazing @bethanyhamilton your really inspirational and it would be AMAZING to meet you someday, i love to surf and i basically live in the ocean :) tour truly an amazing person who i strive to be like when I'm older :)
  • georgegoodman_your*
  • mmaaaddiiiWOW!!🌟
  • autty_rcCool
  • alesslazzariThat is amazing!!!
  • adolfoctubreCool!
  • ancientmoonchildYou're awesome.
  • ale_xita22So inspiring
  • ashton.mcculloughCould you like one of my pictures please you are my idol I mean you should just see my room it has something bethany Hamilton on it. So yes please like one of my pictures because I liked almost all of yours and also DM me please because I know you get a ton of them and it would be great for me. I hope you have a Merry Christmas in Hawaii and good luck in amazing race keep going I want you to win who needs dentist or bikers you are hrs while package. You can also surf better with one arm better than people with two arms. Thank you and good luck and merry Christmas
  • _etd_@brittaniboilore why hero?
  • zohar_waitsbergwow♥♡
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