Hey it's Pandora Boxx!  Didn't she lose on Drag Race twice?
  • pandoraboxxHey it's Pandora Boxx! Didn't she lose on Drag Race twice?

  • misscheesydipyou look absolutely stunning with this look ;) suits you well.
  • whittskerStill a winner to me! My favorite queen of all time! :)
  • lizzohzI was so excited when I saw your ass there and so mad when you got paired with Mimi. I felt for you girl. You deserved to stay!!
  • averywicked1Gorgeous :)
  • fakefreddyI love you so much more now after reading this simple caption @pandoraboxx #weeeeeerk
  • aquillarusI think you were screwed over. I also think they made you look a lot worse than it actually was. I really don't think all stars showed the real Pandora. Its so sad because you deserve to still be there. Love you xxx
  • gr3ggyb34rYeah, who won that season?? I CAN'T remember!!!?!
  • jacobgo@pandoraboxx I'm your fan from Israel, sending my love and support! Just wanted to say you're amazing, talented, funny and beautiful! I was so sad to see you sachey away, but you're always be the fiercest bitch. 💝💝💝
  • ilovebettyleighDamn Mimi! :(
  • thesarahkennettYeah but she won Miss Congeniality which pretty much means she has the most fans.
  • stevef12589Awe raspberries!
  • tarranga@pandoraboxx was so sad to see u go! the whole partner thing I think was a mess, someone always gets screwed over, I just wanted to say I think u are the whole package! beautiful and smart. one can be taught makeup skills , but ur great comic timing , originality and creativity, you are born with! u inspire me! 💗💗💗😍
  • sarahbelle80Love you
  • satyr69But she only needed once to win my heart!
  • tigra_mI don't think u got a fair shot on drag race all stars
  • jvrlbrtrYou should have won! Truly talented
  • margaret_choSo pretty
  • tastethera1nbowBeauty is not enough a word. FANGORGULOUS
  • meneenaeGawgeous!!!
  • abuela__3Love !!!
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