Melissa & Tony: "From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for all the love and support. We couldn't have done it without you!" #dwts #allstars #mirrorball #finale #TeamMelissa
  • dancingabcMelissa & Tony: "From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for all the love and support. We couldn't have done it without you!" #dwts #allstars #mirrorball #finale #TeamMelissa

  • bnyce30Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Melissa is a excellent dancer!!!!!! The finals will be a close call. Good luck Melissa and Tony
  • lisaredsoxAfter a humiliating televised breakup, Melissa rose above it. I think she's a great dancer and has a wonderful spirit. GO MELISSA AND TONY!!!
  • kortum_stef21@James_is_crazy Melissa is a great dancer. Her lines and extensions were beautiful. I don't know her in person, but she seems a nice girl. And I vote for her not because Tony is her partner, but for her great dancing skill. Melissa has career as TV host, if you listen to Tom or Brooke every time they introducing the stars :)
  • kristinoneill39You have your opinion and I have mine. Deal with it. Besides Shawn is better than her. @angieortiz315
  • kortum_stef21Both ladies are great in different ways. Shawn's footworks and executions are amazing. I always love Shawn since season 8. And I do vote for her too every single week along with Apolo and Sabrina before she got eliminated :) @james_is_crazy
  • rizzaxkrisGuess there's gotta be haters everywhere huh. Voting for Melissa and Tony!! The only reason why Shawn and Derek are so popular is cause Shawn's popular as a gymnast and obviously people know her more than they know Melissa who came from a reality show, don't get me wrong I love Shawn too. So you know people are more prone to voting someone they know over someone they have no idea who it is. Nonetheless, I think Melissa even from her season has proved that she's deserved a spot and chance. As for Tony yes, he never gotten a trophy and he's been with the show for what over ten seasons as well as Maks and everyone's feeling bad but obviously they both bring something to make them a good dancing couple! Tony alone wouldn't have made it far without Melissa who tries her best each week. And Melissa alone as a dancer can't be as good without a good partner.
  • ghutton24Ahh it's so close between her and Shawn! Shawn has the BEAUTIFUL technique. Melissa has the facial expressions to go with the dance and AMAZING extension. Both have worked their butts off and show up with a smile on their face no matter what! Love them both. Not the biggest Kelly fan, but glad it's all girls in the finale
  • kortum_stef21Totally agree with you two. @thisheartdontcountonthewicked @ghutton24
  • nana_wendy_2003Love you guys and vote each week! You deserve to win!!!!!!
  • taylor_hope22I vote for you each week!! I hope you win!!!!! <3
  • luck!
  • tforrestel69I am so rooting for you both! Love watching you dance together! Thank you for an amazing season!
  • ceroberts7I'm voting for you both 8 times on my phone:) You deserve all of my votes! Everyone vote 8 times on every phone in your house! GO MELISSA!!
  • ceroberts7^^^ or Shawn and Derek!!!!!
  • samanthajeanrosescutieriAll my votes go to you guys from any phone I can find !!
  • stephsmall57So voting for you two!!!!
  • keekyybalagzna#TeamMelony!!!!
  • floridafredMilissa for next #dwts cohost
  • carmenl_52My vote is for Melissa and Tony! Melissa you are a beautiful dancer!
  • tammystonebrookYou guys are wonderful
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