Move those hips AAO!
  • apoloantonohnoMove those hips AAO!

  • lake_girl_530Apolo, you're a CLASS act all the way around. No doubt you should have gone to the finals! Always a winner!
  • sparkling_otI'm soooooo sad!!!!!! But ur still amazing---and u deserved to win!!!!!!!
  • yvonnechattieU shld have been in finals!!!!!!!
  • mischasingsYou will always be a winner in my book. 😉💗☺
  • mousefrauI'm so sorry you didn't get into the finals! I voted like crazy for you. But you handled your elimination like the champ you are; such a good sport and total class! Love you!
  • meijijunky:((
  • rachelrae15Can't believe u went home boooooooooo :(((
  • dianarussasUpset you didn't make it to the finals of #dwts - loved watching you every week. Have been a fan for years watching you at the olympics!
  • thess2youLoved watching the show bec of you! I wanted you to win. So sad to see you leave....:((
  • lukejdid#win
  • johnnyimaikalaniYou left with such grace!! Like a true champion!! Still inspired and still encouraged!! MAHALO for your example!!
  • holly1965The only reason I even watched the show is because you were on it!!!!!
  • pinkmonkeygirlYou competed like a champ. You left with class. You will always be a winner to me. Thanks for being such a great toke model.
  • bangtan.butterflyU were the only reason y I was watching
  • bodiddley2I'm furious u were voted off!
  • alittleshotofmeYou were the only reason I was watching too
  • manina05Sad to see you go, you always had my votes!!
  • jmzrnel04👞👠we are gonna miss you🙊
  • y_amro@apoloantonohno dwts will not be the same without you.. don't know if i can watch anymore. love you apolo! #biggestfan
  • jc4evaI voted for u like mad crazy! I am so proud of u.
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