Men dragging body behind motorcycle in #Gaza City. They were yelling he was a spy for Israel.
  • andersoncooperMen dragging body behind motorcycle in #Gaza City. They were yelling he was a spy for Israel.

  • zicksworldYou are a radical. Disgusting of you to try and cover up for your people and blame such a despicable, cowardly act of violence on somebody else. If 9/11 was an American plan, and the Boston bombing too, was the Holocaust also made up??? Just answer that one question, yes or no?
  • zk10@zachross1 lol nice of you to not tag me you coward. We have real evidence and photos or the holocaust. We don't have any photos of these two. And you're stupid if you believe 6 million people died. Please
  • zicksworld@zk10 you are a vitriolic antisemite. It's people like you that are the real threat to our world. I bet you celebrate when you hear of an israeli being murdered, or an american murdered from an islamic terrorist attack. I truly pity you. End of conversation. It's sad how the world assume that Muslims were behind the Boston bombings.... And it's EVEN SADDER that it was true. Check yourself.
  • zk10@zachross1 it's sad you say Islamic terrorist but don't say Christina terrorist when James Holmes shoots up people in a movie theatre or Adam Lanza murders kids. Why aren't they Christian terrorists?
  • zicksworld@zk10 because religion had nothing to do with James or Adam. They were not religious martyrs. These terrorists that are Muslim just so happen to be extreme radicals. Obviously it says something about the way people in your religion are interpreting the Quran.
  • zicksworld@zk10 apparently the elder brother had a collection of jihadist videos and often spoke about radical Islamic ideals. His own uncle said that he was passionate about "religious politics" even making claims to the neighbor saying that "America uses the bible to justify invading countries". Sounds anti-American to me. Sounds like someone who supports jihad and by correlation, terrorism. Are you trying to tell me they were non-religious Muslims? Face the facts. No other religious group murders mass people and causes terrorism all in the name of "Allah" like the Muslims do. None. It's barbaric. Watch the videos all over the Internet of jihadists from all over who call for the death to Americans and death to Jews. "Allahu Akbar."
  • zicksworld@zk10 how about this: in more recent news, two Muslims are being charged in a terrorist attack plotted to blow up a via rail passenger trail between New York and Canada. When questioned, chiheb esseghaier (suspect #1) said that he doesn't recognize the authority of the criminal code (aka the law) because "it is not a holy book." So to him, and all the other Muslim extremists, only te qu'ran dictates what is right. So if the Quran says to murder infidels, then they will have no problem murdering infidels even if it is illegal in our countries. Shame on people like you who fail to recognize the shortcoming of your own people!!!
  • zicksworld@zk10 and this is taking place in Canada, not the USA. Or is this terrorist plot also a conspiracy??
  • zk10@zachross1 you're the dumbest and most gullible person I've ever met
  • justmariaz@zachross1 U seriously need to stop combining religion with extemisim! Honestly it help to go actually learn real fact instead of what u see in the video n online! Stop Desrespecting Muslim becuz we r all human beings. Muslims are not terrorist. Terrorist r people who instill fear in ppl. N a Muslims who does not is not considered a Muslim. Learn some Respect!
  • amber_barnoskyOh my gosh that's horrible 😪
  • max_the_sumohuahua😱😱
  • fl004615Wow this is horrible - how can a human do something like this !
  • rema663rrThis Arab land against you criminals... freedom for Palestine
  • rema663rrGo to hell you and Israel
  • criqcraq666Why so much hatred
  • leporekatHow so you deal with such horror?? So very upsetting.
  • lkooliThe man was already dead. They're showing the captured and the consequences of spying to locals. This is what happens when you become a traitor. No morals.
  • deskohan@cadaopavan
  • jami_lynn_werner@n8werner
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