IDF leaflet dropped from sky warning Gazans to stay away from Hamas. #Gaza #Israel
  • andersoncooperIDF leaflet dropped from sky warning Gazans to stay away from Hamas. #Gaza #Israel

  • oiskinbluInstense
  • c_i_tohjahTranslaaaaaaate!!!!!
  • mahdialsahafI.m arabc man
  • p.87خر عليك وعل اسرائل
  • noooona1415مع نفسك انت وسرائيل 😡
  • noooona1415تخسى اسرائيل 😡يهود الكلب
  • siona_harperWow!
  • kimmycoo14Creepy.
  • gaz0105Long live palestine, hamas arent terrorists, the ones bombing civilians and murdering kids are ie.the illegitimate state if israel. Screw you zionist.
  • gemra1nIsrael should be getting that
  • no0ona_fتعرف عربي 😖
  • pink__boutiqueلا حول ولا قوه الا بالله وحسبي الله ونعم الوكيل ع الظالم is this justice ...?
  • w595مييييي
  • abdulalsahlawi@c_i_tohjah Pretty much says to stay away from Hamas cause the israelis are defending what they think is there land now and that if any of the palestinians participate, they will be putting themselves in danger and will get killed. Sent by the israeli military.
  • xx_y77اسرائيل ! وش اسرائيل ؟ العالم مايعرف الا فلسطين الحره وبس ، اما اسرائيل ليست الا اسم لمجموعة مشردين :)
  • jubran1995Fuck Israel mother fuckers
  • najlal7arbi@monaalharbi23 @fhdi_ @official_joebm
  • med_guerbouz@andersoncooper come on... U been there and u saw it all so...
  • ahlam_palestinianFree Palestine الحرية لفلسطين✌️️
  • baletyFuck israel 🇮🇱 🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿
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