Check out a special #ViceCity themed edition of our Soundtrack Alumni Concert Calendar at
  • rockstargamesCheck out a special #ViceCity themed edition of our Soundtrack Alumni Concert Calendar at

  • raketenministerHALL & OATES !!!!!!!!! Since Vice City I'm the biggest fan!! Out of time... Out of touch... Guys you rock!! Give GTA 5 a 80s radio station please. PLEASE!! And a Hall & Oates song btw! Maneater or so ;))
  • lucasrocha_9Best game soundtrack ever
  • bryan_existsThere's a phone number you can dial for a free service called Callin' Oates that let's you pick one of four Hall and Oates songs to listen to just because. Its awesome
  • kffhgtgh@rockstargames What happend to the GTA Complete Pack on steam?
  • _nuke_dukem_Emotion is sooo good can listen all day Fernando Martinez is my Hero XD
  • gatish_stoneANTHRAAAAAAAAAX!!!!!!!!!!
  • _nuke_dukem_@the_raffster haha true Dat. Bet he has broke some hearts :P
  • willgatesI have the wave 103 compact always on my car stereo! #vicecity rulez!
  • erikflairThat Holland Oates guy, he's got it going on.
  • luckydogslevin@goodm0urning I feel a burning need to know that number
  • yazoo1990Your out of touch
  • sleursAs seen in Williamsburg.
  • battleborn86Always good music in your games, guys!
  • craigdjackson86@lucasrenman got taken off due to copyright issue on vice city music.
  • shaqartsI have cooked amazing beats for gta v but no way to get the tracks heard by rockstar :(
  • lewis_graham94Anthrax!!! Megadeth and slayer! On Vrock!
  • burockstargtaBlondie Atomic!!!
  • calmmobileWhat about Suicidal Tendancies can't bring me down. ..
  • rockstargamesCheers all. If you catch any of the shows in the calendar, take a pic & tag us so we can check it out.
  • gomer23ANTHRAX!!!! HELL YEAAAAA!
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