Homestyle potluck dinner with @winceeee, @jolieanna85 & Fakeotherguy.
  • fatbooHomestyle potluck dinner with @winceeee, @jolieanna85 & Fakeotherguy.

  • wandering_yaslooks lovely. have fun guys!
  • yassomaMy, that looks so good! Enjoy!
  • winceeee@fatboo Was such a great dinner. Lovely lovely time. Hey I still feel SUPER bad for not knowing it was you and @jolieanna85's bday! So rude of me for not giving you guys wishes when I saw you ugh. Anyway, Thx again. Was a really blessed time wth you lot!
  • fatboo@winceeee ai ya don't worry about it, none of us are big on birthdays. We def should do this more often, get fat together with potlucks!
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