Playing around with some blog design elements tonight
  • inthefunlanePlaying around with some blog design elements tonight

  • barbsquared💕
  • tinytoes3Holly, did you ever sell that cute little dresser in your garage, you showed me the day I picked up the window?
  • princess_weddingcoFun!
  • inthefunlane@tinytoes3 hi Tina! I still have it and was debating painting it this week since my hubby has the week off. Let me know if you want me to spare it from my brush LOL
  • tinytoes3I really wanted a painted one, I would do it myself but now that its cold out, I have no warm place to do it! Would you paint it and sell it for $120 for me:))
  • tinytoes3Sooo, Is the paint brush coming out??:)
  • inthefunlaneI wanted to wait to hear from you in case you wanted it as is ;) I am going to paint it white today I think. Let me know if you want it and if so if you want distressing. Painted it i'l
  • inthefunlane@tinytoes3 sorry forgot to add you on the comment above! Painted it will be $240
  • inthefunlane@tinytoes3 thanks, I think $220 is the lowest I would go~
  • tinytoes3I'll pass:(
  • inthefunlane@tinytoes3 thanks anyway Tina,have a great day
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