Bud Black to manage #Padres through 2015
  • padresBud Black to manage #Padres through 2015

  • markusanderson2Great to see, phenomenal baseball guy.
  • thewookieWell deserved
  • chrisgarcia03Give him a good team and he'll win a few championships!
  • the_real_abrahamShould have never let Boch go.
  • bradsdpGreat news!!
  • beard_banditWhy? We don't even make the playoffs. We need new players as well. I love the padres bit I'm tired of paying MLB prices to watch a AA team.
  • stevenpimentelWe'll be good next year but it'd be nice for the new ownership to invest in some talent⚾⚾
  • snapzfromchopz619BlackBerry!" Nod to you! It is what it is!:)"
  • blakesapp16Yay😃😃😃😃
  • ryanglennwingoI'm so stoked on that, he's such an awesome manager. I met him once at the Costco in Carlsbad in 2011. An orange juice fell out the back of his Rover and busted. I approached him with the ticket from the home opener and he pulled me aside and we talked for a minute and he autographed it. He saw my girlfriend Syd waiting by the entrance and he told me to go with her inside and go get some groceries. The man is a total professional. Congratulations Mr. Black! Go Pads!
  • ryancohenBest move possible at a time like this. #buddyblack!
  • sfehrmU suck when's the last time u won the World Series I'm a Red Sox fan but at least they have 8 rings bitch
  • ryancohenBuddy!!!
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