• shikomsaFood aye?
  • akenyangirlThis week's theme is 'Skies'. It's OK Mutua. We know unaskia usingizi.
  • bikowesaHaha someone loved last weeks theme... Or hungry
  • leonphotographerFood ei @truthslinger ?
  • truthslingerHello #Kenya365 Instagrammers.

    This week the theme is 'skies'. Lately the skies in Kenya have been very dramatic with huge fluffy clouds in strange and beautiful formations. Take a creative photo of this phenomena when you see it and tag it.

    Our standard rule still applies. You can still only tag one image a day with the #Kenya365 tag and remember for this week to add #Kenya365skies as the week specific hashtag so others can see our beautiful skies. This task shall run from Monday 19.11.2012 to Sunday 25.11.2012.

    Photo by @truthslinger

    Follow @Kenya_365 to get your tasks if you wish to participate. Happy gramming.

    Ps/ Remember to tag your daily images properly so that others can find them. You need both hashtags for a task photo. Don't forget the #Kenya365 tag and the task tag to specify the post. As in #Kenya365 #Kenya365skies. We'd like for others to see what we post.
  • truthslingerSorry guys. Pasted the wrong text. Usingizi kweli. Corrected. @shikomsa @akenyangirl @biko_wesa @leonphotographer kumbe mnaonanga everything, lurking in the shadows ey? Thanks for pointing it out.
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