A Happy Birthday weekend to @deanracer Teppan Style!
  • torispellingA Happy Birthday weekend to @deanracer Teppan Style!

  • melodeedeeLove ur commitment to family, nothing better!
  • building4Beautiful family
  • mfost9@laurengainey pregnancy doesn't make u gain weight just in your cheeks. It's too rounded and disproportionate to be just from pregnancy weight gain. We know Tori's no stranger to plastic surgery and its not necessary. She's beautiful without it and always was.
  • tally_allan@mfost9 it's comments like yours that make celebrities have eating disorders and self esteem issues. If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. It took me a year to loose all of my baby weight gain, and yes, I gained weight in my face as well. Do you want 100's of people telling you what to do or not do with your looks?
  • darcyj80Nice pic and Tori don't listen to negative people your beautiful.
  • jennasantThis is a great pic!! Why are ppl so negative. I wish I looked half as good pregnant as Tori always does!
  • lb.cox@torianddean you are so beautiful and you and @deanracer have the most gorgeous children. All 5 of them!! Love watching your sweet family grow! Happiest birthday to your soul mate! And happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the time with your family!
  • eleighbintnHappy Birthday!!!!
  • alynnsmith1976Happy Birthday
  • tmahlstrandLove you guys!
  • dancer11135You have the cutest family ever!!! Your kids get their good looks from you and dean definetly!!!!!!!!!
  • clarabell100Beautiful family God bless you all!
  • el_i_shebaMy favs @torianddean
  • camilliabedilliaAdorable! Can't wait to have you guys back on TV!
  • ilovecelesteLove it 😘💋💞
  • klwilliams1304Miss you guys on TV :) your family is beautiful as ever 💜💚
  • maribelrodriguez528facebookcomAll in the family....... Blessings....to all....
  • _cleliaafYour family is beautiful 😉💜
  • fit4me3Great family pic!
  • littlecutie2152013Beautiful family:D♥
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