Tomorrows topic of our knitting pod! "Christmas #DIY for the modern child"
  • eathospitalfoodTomorrows topic of our knitting pod! "Christmas #DIY for the modern child"

  • eathospitalfood#stickpodden
  • veggiemeggieholy hell! this is a birthing doll?! 😳 I mean 👍... but whoa!
  • eathospitalfood@veggiemeggie Oh it is! And it's santas wife! This in an old Swedish DIY magazine from the 80's. You get the patter for both Santa and his wife. And yes - they are fully "equipped" and naked. The text to the picture says: Santa mom needs help when she's gonna deliver. Santa babies are born with the hat first. Then comes the head and shoulders. During the delivery Santa mom and the child has to help each other." I've been laughing so hard about this all night! Shall I make you a pair? 😂
  • simon.cederholmHilarious! :-)
  • eathospitalfoodIt's not on top in my to do list @amy_josephs 😉
  • bennyonce_Haha ! Weird ... So weird @amy_josephs
  • baristatonyI want twelve, best chrissy present ever
  • eathospitalfoodCan we put them next to the espresso machine? Something fun to do for people who wait in line? @baristatony
  • opellaeJust denna bild hittade jag själv i julas. Instagrammade om den vet jag. Helt sjukt mycket 70-tal!
  • puffansDen hemska, hemska förlossningstomten!!!
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