Serif outline - classic NY style #Graffiti #Serif #Underrated
  • 12ozprophetSerif outline - classic NY style #Graffiti #Serif #Underrated

  • bill_bixby_If that tag is classic the half the garbage I see around Jax must be legendary. #tightenup
  • _jakestagramSlipping
  • skarcigarIgnorance
  • _soul_king_It is wack though
  • shaz_illyorkim was wondering who runs 12oz ?.....
  • zzzany13Naahhh...😔
  • shaz_illyorkis it a writer @12ozprophet ?
  • dame718@skarcigar pure ignorance indeed
  • _donahuesome sticker punks
  • you_dont_see_that_everydayKinged Tokyo years back. Havent seen him since. If someone thinks this is wack then their throw up must be one of these tech'ed out messes with a thousand flaring scribbly lines with points and open spaces. Go for it.
  • 12ozprophetActually Serif was a real solid all around writer in the 90s who is widely unknown and underrated. That outline looks like it was peeled right off of a train panel in the 80's. the style is fresh, classic NY, and predates Instagram, and the Internet for that matter. But if you don't get it, I forgive you.
  • skarcigarAgain. Leave these kids ignorant.
  • shaz_illyork@12ozprophet serif made a little noise in nyc in the early 2000s not the 90s but he honestly bit so hard, i thought it was sp's undercover tag ....
  • creativesbykyleHis letters grow, classic NYC style but there's no uniformity in size of letters
  • likeforrealWow if u dont know about serif then u must be some new jack shit. I just feel like a dinosaur now
  • bill_bixby_I do know about him but won't ride his dick on a bad piece
  • bill_bixby_Not saying anything against dude. Y'all niggas get emotional
  • pshines_aowHe hit a few highprofile village canal china town spots in 98 99 2000. Came out of nowhere with a cassic graff style. And dissapeared. Recently resurfaced with a few tags .. Serif was most def a back up tag of some one that put it down in the early 90s @12ozprophet
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